Who we are

Account Balance Ltd was founded by Rebecca Butler in 2008.  Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (Accountancy) from Victoria University in Wellington.  After having completed her degree she worked in Wellington for two years as an accountant at Pocock Hudson Limited, Chartered Accountants. From 2010 to 2018 Rebecca lived the Queenstown area, assisting her clients in their day to day financial management of their business, as well as their annual reporting requirements and tax management.
Her experience in creating end of year financial statements means that she is able to process your accounts with the end result in mind, while remaining firmly in touch with what a business needs to see from it's bookkeeping system and monthly reports.

Our Philosophy

We believe that accounting does not have to be complicated and confusing, but rather a useful and rewarding aspect to your business.  We can be there to teach you what you need to know to be successful.  Whether that is how to analyse your accounting information in order to make the best business decisions, or how to gradually manage your own accounts to a high level. 
For those of you who understand your accounts and everything involved, but would rather spend your time growing your business, we can take on the responsibility of your whole accounting function, ensuring that your debtors are well controlled, your GST is filed correctly, your invoices are sent promptly and your payroll administration is managed completely.
We are here to help and support you.